Company overview

About the Company

Our business strategy is to find value-add deals both on and off-market. Our acquisition team is responsive to market trends and guided by past experiences. Our ability to find opportunities and to renovate and stabilize assets with cost-effective operational efficiencies helps achieve market rental premiums that maximize yield and profitability.

Our asset and property management services focus on maintaining, enhancing & preserving the tangible and long-term market values of properties. We focus on single-family, multifamily properties and remain committed to our objective:

  • Diligent & fair administration of leases
  • Direct management of property improvements
  • Responsiveness to tenants needs
  • High degree of tenant satisfaction is aimed at retaining and expanding existing tenants
  • Intelligent planning for the future needs of the investment utilizing our collective expertise in property management practices and knowledge of market dynamics

Master of Planning & Operations

The knowledge and expertise of our President continue to direct the company forward. Harshad Dharod’s extensive experience in the restaurant industry has allowed Silver Star Real Estate to run at maximum operational efficiency. Our company is an active performer of hands-on, proactive management. Silver Star Real Estate is effectively committed to long-term ownership of our entire real estate portfolio.

Insider knowledge and an unparalleled ability to acquire targeted assets make us stand out from our competitors. With a consistent upward curve in rents from 30% – 40% at each building, the company’s success is primarily influenced by best-in-class, hands-on operations. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Investment and Ownership

By focusing on the customer’s best interest, we are able to maintain long-term ownership. The company’s real estate portfolio features thoughtful planning and first-class maintenance. Our track record speaks for itself.


  • We hold an edge in maintaining costs and adding value throughout the life of an investment
  • Unparalleled familiarity with each sub-market and location
  • High expertise in tenant screening and eviction management

Company Highlights

Property Management
Silver Star Real Estate directly manages properties and creates operational efficiencies that are cost-effective. We believe in empowering managers to ensure exceptional service and premium efficiency.

Asset Management
We ensure controlled construction costs and strict deadlines while continually streamlining our processes.

Acquisition Team
We have an acquisition team with high expertise in off-market opportunities to increase immediate value. Our due diligence process minimizes uncertainty and ensures an excellent financial return.