Founder's Introduction

          Harshad grew up poor in a small village near Bombay, India. After losing his father at the young age of 5, he developed a solid work ethic through delivering milk to support his family. The days of biking 15 miles in order to earn $5/month instilled the value of hard work early on in his life. When he wasn’t working to support his family, Harshad spent all of his time between sports and school. He graduated at the top of his class and was consistently one of the best cricket batsmen in the region.

          At 17, Harshad and his family packed their few belongings and moved to the US. His goal was to become a doctor; however, he had to defer his dream and find a job given the high cost of medical school. For three weeks straight, he walked the streets of Los Angeles trying to find work, ultimately landing a job in the kitchen of Jack in the Box. He vowed to work there for 6 months but kept getting promoted due to his work ethic. Seven years later, Harshad found himself with the opportunity to buy the same store he had been working in. Focused on seizing the opportunity in front of him, Harshad met with 50+ banks before finally being approved for a loan. Shortly after taking over the store, he increased sales by 40%+ and was approached by the franchisor to buy additional stores. Within 5 years, he owned 19 stores.

          In 1999, Harshad sold all his Jack in the Box stores and purchased 67 Carl’s Jr. stores at a price of $75 million, using the proceeds from Jack-in-the-Box to make the down payment. In two years, collective store sales had risen by an average of 25%. Since then, Harshad has maintained a high level of excellence in his company.Starting in 2006, Harshad was able to expand his business through multifamily real estate. Since then, his son, Sunny Dharod, has truly transformed the business. The business now has nearly 40 assets under Management, and this is just the beginning.

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Harshad Dharod,
Founder & CEO