Core Values

Mission Statement
Hire top talent, be a catalyst for change, drive for success, and never forget that the people we serve are the center of our universe.

Vision Statement
To become one of the largest and most respected, privately held restaurant and commercial real estate holding companies in the United States. Our blueprint for success is a Guest Centric focus and an unsurpassed value placed on the happiness and well-being of our employees. All of this ensures that the company’s profit, holdings, and interests will continue to grow year over year, but the heart of the company will never be diluted by such growth.

A commitment to being the best.

We are strengthened by our differences and appreciate people of all backgrounds and experiences.

We encourage our employees to speak up when they believe there is a better way to understand that innovation is a catalyst for everyday improvement and long-term growth. We also encourage them to take calculated risks and learn by doing.

We have been trusted to yield exceptional results and have delivered every time. Everything we do is done with a sense of urgency. We take ownership of mistakes and work diligently to make corrections.

We show the highest level of respect to our employees and customers, creating trusted and enduring relationships, allowing us to achieve mutual goals.

Our company places tremendous value on those with an entrepreneurial mindset. It is essential for our culture that our people continue to have innovative ideas that contribute to the success of our company. The main goal of our company is to lead all our employees to their full potential.